Frequence-based suggestions?

Is there any way to get code suggestions based on my own most-used keywords (the way it happens in eclipse) ?

Very often you use the same words/functions/identifiers etc. repeatedly in a same project but right now the suggestions are not based on the usage frequence so I always have to scroll.


(ex.: in a recent project I use document.getElementById() a lot, and it's pretty annoying to type it all every time)


Hi there,

AFAIK it is like that by default (unless you have "Sort lookup items lexicographically" option checked in "Code Completion" settings).


  1. You can "cut corners" -- type capital letters (e.g. "document.geb" will most likely select "getElementBy" item from the completion list)
  2. Create custom Live Template for most frequently used constructions (e.g. dgeb[TAB] to be expanded into "document.getElementById()") --

Hmm... Normally completion list is sorted by relevance - own properties come first, etc., sorted alphabetically. But variants chosen recently get higher priority. If it doesn't work for you, can you provide steps to recreate the issue?


Thanks for your answers.

As you can see, the "getElementById" item is only in 6th position, while I never used the other suggestions in this project (and as you can see, the "sort by relevance" option is checked).

Thanks for the suggestions Andriy, it helps indeed.


Seems this sorting doesn't work now, logged as Please vote for it


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