How to change the background color?


We love the Dracula theme, but the grey text on a grey background is just too hard to read on a Dell laptop with their poor quality screens.  I went to File -> Settings -> Colors & Fonts -> Console Colors -> Background, but while you can change some of the colors, there's no way to change the background color.


What exact color are you trying to change? Please attach a screenshot.


The background for the file contents is not very dark and the background for the rest of the UI is pretty light.  It looks great on a MacBook in the dark, but it's just too hard to read on a Dell laptop in a bright office.  The answer to your question is the backgrounds for pretty much everything.  The contrast is way too subtle for low quality monitors.


Thanks.  The screenshot looks promising, but IDEA 15 fails to load with this error:

    Plugin 'com.johnlindquist.Darkerula' failed to initialize and will be disabled.  Please restart IntelliJ IDEA.

It looks like for accessibility there would be a high contrast dark theme.  Dracula on a good monitor in a dark office looks great, but it's simply not readable in a bright office on a Dell laptop.


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