Ctrl+click on Javascript function definition name not showing usages

It should show a list of usages in files, but does nothing.

If I right-click the function name instead and click Find Usages, it shows them in the search box at the bottom, as it does when I do right-click Find in Files from the top-level folder.

Ctrl+click works on PHP functions, why won't it work on Javascript functions?



Does Edit > Find > Show Usages work as intended for you in JS files?


Yes, but that's not the same thing as the drop-down of lines showing where they're used. What you're talking about is the same thing as right-clicking the function and selecting Find Usages, which shows them in the search results box at the bottom.

Ctrl+clicking the function should show the drop-down (or pop-up, however you want to call it) showing the file name, line, column, and code line.

This works in .php files but not .js files for some reason.


Ctrl+Click on JS function shows a name of file function is declared in:



it's not intended to show usages, Ctrl+Click is assigned to Navigate/Declaration


Elena, that's not the function definition, that's a function usage. What you're doing is just hovering the mouse pointer over the function call and holding Ctrl, not Ctrl+clicking. I'm looking for all function usages from the function definition name by Ctrl+clicking it.


It works in PHP files, not Javascript files. I have to use right-click Find Usages rather than Ctrl+click which is much faster.


you probably refer to 'Show usages' action (Edit / Find / Show usages). It works for javascript functions, default shortcut on Windows in Ctrl+Alt+f7


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