Correct Setup to work with Thymeleaf

In an older entry I read about registering *.html files as XHTML. This leads to a lot of incorrect red marks on the html code.


As you see this Thymeleaf template is used with Bootstrap.

When I switch it back to HTML it does not show errors but a lot of confusing warnings.

What is best practise here?


Please try Intellij IDEA - it provides full support for Spring, including thymeleaf. See

For WebStorm/PHPStorm, the only possible workaround is switching error highlighting off to avoid errors/warnings being shown (can be done using Hector icon)


Thank you for this answer. I should have written that this solution is not an option.

I use Webstorm because of it's great JavaScript development features.

I tried Intellij IDEA to see, if it works for me as an alternative to Eclipse, but I could not get used to it.

So then I'll edit my HTML in Eclipse an my JavaScript in Webstorm.

Thank you for answering.


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