Plugin Dependencies Not Working



I recently created a plugin in IntelliJ (on a macbook) that relies on a few .jar files that are included as module dependencies in the plugin project. When I prepare the plugin for deployment, i get the .zip file as expected and if extracted, it contains all of the .jar dependencies. However, when giving this to some windows devs to try, the .jar files do not seem to be found even though they are in the .zip. 

Installing the plugin in my local Webstorm or debugging with IntelliJ works fine and no errors are thrown.

It seems like the jars do not register. Is there something that you need to do other than adding the jars as dependencies for the plugin to see everything correctly? I have searched stackoverflow and the doc I could find and I did not see anything that took me to a solution.


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Could you share the resulting ZIP of your plugin?

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I actually got it working. I did not have one of my .jar files added as a dependency so it never added the .jar to the .zip file. I've tested on on several OS and machines and it has worked fine in 2016.1.


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