.idea/.name deleted on closing IDE




I'm using IntelliJ 2016.1.

I noticed that every time I open and close a project the .name file that contains my project name is deleted!

How can I prevent this?

How can I rename a project permanently in IJ 2016.1?




to reproduce the behaviour:
1. open the project
2. rename the project (the .name file is created)
3. close the project (the .name file is there)
4. reopen the project (the projec ha correct name)
5. close the project (the .name file is deleted)

P.S: project folder and project name are not the same string

P.P.S this happens only with the 2016.1 version.



Can't reproduce. .name file remains after step 5.


mmm ok, the project is a Gradle Android project.

The root folder name is Android, and I can't rename it.

The project module name is Hub.

I want to remane the main IJ project, so the one I can see in the title bar.

Maybe this can help to reproduce.

I hope you can help me because now the only way to identify my projects in the start IJ window is looking the path!



I was wron, it is not in the project/IDE closing, but in the project opening.

Every time before to open project I re-add the .name file.

After the project open I can see the correct name in the bar title.

After few seconds, the project became Android and in the workspace.xml i have these lines:

<change type="DELETED" beforePath="$PROJECT_DIR$/.idea/.name" afterPath="" />
<change type="MODIFICATION" beforePath="$PROJECT_DIR$/.idea/workspace.xml" afterPath="$PROJECT_DIR$/.idea/workspace.xml" />



I'm having the same problem with one of my projects.


I can't provide the problem project but am willing to offer any other info.



I can reproduce this behavior if I:

  • delete the .gradle directory
  • start the IDE
  • build the project (eg: double-click on "assemble" in the Gradle tool panel)
  • exit the IDE

Since it's standard practice to exclude .gradle from vcs (eg: put it in your .gitignore), it's pretty easy to end up with a working directory without the .gradle subtree (eg: after creating a new working repo, or running `git clean -xf`), which means IntelliJ IDEA will mysteriously also delete the .idea/.name file after you build.


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