DataGrip -- can't work with Oracle

There's literally no way to work with Oracle databases, using DataGrip.

I just can't see the objects hierarchy under the connection and there's no auto completion for any of the built-in Oracle views or packages.

What might it be?


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Hello Eli,

Please make sure that schemas you want to view and browse in Database tool window are selected in the Schemas tab in Datasource properties dialog and invoke Synchronize action in Database tool window for these schemas to be introspected.

Does it help? Please post here idea.log after IDE restart and trying to Synchronize the data source if problem remains.

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@Andrey Dernov

Thank you very much -- this has solved the problem for me.

Some issues I've noticed when working with Oracle databases:

  1. The Data Dictionary is a static (at least, per Oracle DB version) set of views. I've noticed that this bunch of views is being loaded from PUBLIC schema, so that if it's not selected under "schemas" -- the Data Dictionary doesn't exist, which is very problematic. I think you should find a way to include this static bunch of views in any case.
  2. One of the default types of data types when creating a table is INT; I think you should consider switching this to NUMBER.
  3. I haven't found an option to debug PLSQL code. Is there an option to do this? If not -- this is a MUST for any Oracle-supporting IDE.

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