No Files, Scratches Tab in Clion?


I've been using Clion for quite a while and i love it. But i noticed something strange: the online help manuals says  there is a tab where i can find my scratches (a feature i find fascinating ). But i can't find that tab in Clion. Today i also found the pycharm actually shows it. The same happens with the Files tab, although the Project tab (which is the only one shown) shows them.


The only to reopen a scratch is using the search box, but i haven't found how to delete it.

By the way i'm using Clion 2160.1 which at the time of writing this, is the lastest.

Are the manuals wrong? Or is my CLion somehow misconfigured?

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Hi Ruben.

You are right, it hasn't been implemented in CLion yet. We have the issue in the tracker: Feel free to comment or upvote. Also I've created the issue about changing the article in our web help: Please upvote.


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