Using JavaFX Webview in Android Studio Plugin


I am using JavaFx webview with Jfxpanel to show html contents in FileEditor in Intellij Plugin...Webview is working fine when i run plugin in intellij idea but it is not working in Android studio
I have added jfxrt.jar file in libraries folder and it is showing webview in Android Studio but html page is not loading correctly.

Note: On HTML page I am doing Drag and Drop operations.

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WebView is actually webkit so you need native libraries for HTML rendering along with jfxrt.jar. So I'd say the problem is that the native libs are not found.

I think the easiest way to solve this is to run Android Studio on JDK with JavaFX included. The more complex one is to pull all the needed libs (~30mb AFAIR) and make sure they're present in the classpath. Our markdown plugin does that, but it's a little bit painful. (However, we do this at runtime and do not pull the libs with the plugin itself).




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