Pycharm 2016.1 New Doc String Generation

Since my update to Pycharm 2016.1 the doc strings for functions is no longer automated.  That is, previously when I started a doc string in a function with triple quotes (""") and pressed "Enter" the doc string would automatically fill with a skeleton structure for each parameter.  This is no longer the case.

Is there an option to turn this back on?  Please advise.

Official comment

This issue has been fixed and the fix will appear in the next PyCharm update.

Having exactly the same problem


Doc string generation is also not working for me


I have the same problem as you after update 2016.1.

My settings are "Insert documentation comment stub" and "Insert type placeholder in the documentation comment stub" checked.

But, only auto complete triple quotes...


Same problem here.

Took me almost one hour, yet still not working.


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