Display Image Popup? New to Pycharm and Python

Hey everyone, I'm really new to python and Pycharm. I learn best when I just dive into a new thing. One thing I want to figure out is how to make an image, that is stored locally, popup. I've done a bunch of investigating for this and I keep ending up looking at videos and sites for downloading something like PyGames or OpenCV. Doesn't seem to me that I need to do that. But what do I know? (not much :P)

Can anyone help me out with this?


- Ricky 

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Hi Ricky, thanks for the question. First, this forum is primarily about PyCharm and not Python. You probably will get more answers asking on StackOverflow and putting "python" as a tag on your question. For example, here is a similar question using the Tkinter UI library and here is one using the pyglet UI library.

When you say "Doesn't seem to me that I need to do that", do you mean you don't think you should need a UI library?


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