PyCharm complete removal

I had PyCharm 5, and as soon as I read about upgrading to PyCharm 2016 I tried to uninstall it with the normal procedure and I deleted both folders in my home directory. However, when if I click the Ubuntu "start button" and type "Py", the Pycharm logo still appears, and if I click on it, for some reason it opens pycharm 5 (crazy!). 

I want to fully remove Pycharm 5 so I can install again Pycharm 2016. 

My OS Ubuntu 15.10

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To remove the product completely, you have to do the following:

-Delete the installation directory

-Delete the "config" and "system" configuration directories. These contain PyCharm caches, configuration and plugins. See for the OS specific locations of these two directories.


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Thank you!!! I was doing right that, but I have installed PyCharm from the Synaptic Package Manager, so when I deleted the files the program was not uninstalled right. I just removed it from Synaptic and I was able to install the new version. 



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