angular 2 + jspm + typescript

Could you please provide working sample for angular 2 + jspm + typescript which support debuging from WebStorm 2016.1?

WebStorm 11 has problem with import statements hence I use WebStorm 2016.1.

I include sample project. This project working  with live-server but when I debuging from WebStorm I get error:

Error: Error: XHR error (404 Not Found) loading http://localhost:63343/jspm_packages/github/frankwallis/plugin-typescript@4.0.5.js(…)




Most probably your application is set up to be served from web server root (<base href="/"> is used, or paths in URLs start with slash). But the built-in web server serves files from http://localhost:63343/<project name>. So attempts to resolve paths from root result in 404 errors.

Why aren't you using your live-server for debugging?


Ok, I will use live-server instead.


Thank you, I move from Visual Studio to WebStorm. Sometimes I am confuse.


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