Cloud Foundry with Spring Boot


Is it possible to push a spring boot executable jar using the cloud foundry plugin? Looking at the plugin, I can deploy artifacts, but there isn't an option for a spring boot jar. Is there a step I'm missing?

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You should configure JAR artifact, then you will be able to select it in the CloudFoundry deployment run configuration.


how can You configure the "JAR artifact" that is identical to the spring boot executable jar?

...because that format is what Cloud Foundry expects for the push.

I can't find a way in IntelliJ to configure the right artifact (spring boot executable jar) to be used for the Cloud Foundry deploy dialog.?


IntelliJ only gives me to options to configure "regular" jar artifacts or configure/define their contents manually. But this is not a practical approach to manually configure something looking alike what spring boot's maven plug in would create.


spring boot executable jars look like this:

The structure is created by spring boot's maven/gradle plugin:


Is there at least a workaround that allows me to configure a project artifact (JAR) that my maven creates for me (mvn spring-boot:repackage)?


Thanks a lot!


I've filled a request for this, please follow the for updates.


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