New code folding features: option to disable?


I've been using PyCharm as my Python IDE for several years and am very happy with it.

However, just set up the new 2016.1 version and am frustrated by the new within-loop code folding for every "if", "else", and comment portion of the code. It's frustrating as I really like to auto-fold the whole module, and then work within a particular method, but now when clicked each method has so many recursively nested features so it's a pain to inspect the code.

Basically, it was great the way it was before, and I'd simply like the option to shut off this new feature. Currently, the "code folding" menu in program settings does not support turning the feature off.

Thanks for your support! 

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Thanks for your feedback.
Please consider using "Expand Recursively" action (You can find it via Help->Find Action) to expand your methods. Also if you hold the Alt modifier and click a toggle button "+" in the gutter, selected folding region will be expanded recursively.

Does this workaround solve your problem?
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Thanks Liana!

We had seen the "Alt" modifier for clicks, and yes this would be a good solution, but pressing the Alt and toggle button "+" doesn't do anything at all on my system -- pressing "Alt" it won't expand at all. Because of this, we thought the feature had been removed.

My system is Ubuntu, don't know if this feature doesn't work with Linux?

Thanks for your help!



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Please refer to this issue


There is a useful answer of developer in comments of this issue.

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After using it more, I still must say that I am quite unhappy with the new code folding and that it drives me crazy.

I now miss details and make mistakes all the time because each "if" and "for" loop is folded up, including the comments that are there to help navigate. Overall, it's much harder to Navigate a file, and takes a lot longer, and builds frustration.

I feel frustrated because this is a change from a feature that was already perfectly fine in Pycharm -- I really liked the original way PyCharm folding was done -- it was already great. Now I believe it has been made PyCharm a lot worse, and the product usability really suffers for it.

I understand that other people may like this feature, but my partner and I both dislike it very much.

I simply request that there is an option under settings that will allow us to have "simple" code folding by methods only (the original way the PyCharm handled folding prior to about 6 months ago).

Thanks for listening. 

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Hi Alexis!

I'm very sorry for the inconvenience new feature caused you.

However, please consider voting for this issue then


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