Jasmine syntax and methods not recognized

PHPStorm 2016.1

According to this solution I downloaded TypeScript community stubs for jasmine (and karma-jasmine), but in my app the jasmine syntax is still red, which means it's not recognized. What else can be done to enable syntax highlighting, autocomplete etc for Jasmine in PHPStorm?



In your case errors come from Typescript compiler. External libraries configured in Settings/Languages & Frameworks/JavaScript/Libraries are NOT available to typescript compiler, they are only used by the built-in parser for code completion/navigation/etc. You need to have all files involved in compilation right in your project, and make sure to either include them in your tsconfig.json or provide proper ///<reference path> comments.


Thanks for the suggestions. I did as recommended in this post and added file jasmine.d.ts to my project from here and it seems to be ok now with the compiler.


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