Can AppCode see/edit app bundle identifiers and versions?

So I was messing around with an iOS project today and I realized I needed to look at the bundle identifier for something. I dug and dug and Googled but couldn't find where to see it in AppCode, so I eventually gave up and opened the project in Xcode to see it.

Am I missing something fundamental? When I pull up Project Settings (command-; ) I can only change Organization and Class Prefix. Where do I need to look in AppCode to see everything else? I've attached screenshots for reference.


Here's what I'm looking for in Xcode:

I can't seem to find it in AppCode:



Hi Craig.


PRODUCT_BUNDLE_IDENTIFIER ("Bundle Identifier") can be modified via Projects Settings | Build Settings for a specific target (e.g. "Provenance" in your case). It reads ID instead of readable name due to OC-12159.

"Version" and "Build" settings are not modifiable in AppCode at the moment. I've created an issue for that: OC-13397.



Hi Tatiana,

Thanks for filing that issue. I pulled up my project today and I noticed that those fields are not populated in AppCode for me but they are in Xcode. Is there something I need to do in order to have those values show up?



It seems like you're looking at "Shared Settings" (on left-side pane), not at a specific target "Provenance". On the screenshot of mine it is "SwiftAppPods" that's highlighted with blue. 


Well, now I feel silly haha. Thanks for the help Tatiana :)


No problem. My pleasure, Craig )


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