Adding Javascript files to a project

I'm trying to use AppCode with a react-native project.  A typical folder structure for a react-native project for ios would be (not exhaustive but should illustrate the point):

|- index.ios.js
|- src
|  |- components
|  |  |- Foo
|  |  |  |- Foo.js
|  |  |  |- style.js
|- ios
|  |- MyApp
|  |  |- Info.plist
|  |  |- etc...
|  |- MyApp.xcodeproj
|  |- MyApp.xcworkspace
|- node_modules
|- .git

The Javascript support in AppCode is great, the only problem is that it wants the project root to be at

|- ios

which means the IDE doesn't detect the javascript files.  They don't show up in the project explorer or the open file dialog.  I have to manually add them to the project (and then open project properties and remove them from the build sources).

Is there a better way of achieving this?  It would be great if I could just set the project root one level up.  If I try to open the project at what I consider to be the root folder, AppCode complains "No project file found".

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