Multiline '//' comments: how to remove unwanted indenting on second line?

Hi Gang,

When I try to create a multiline comment that looks like this:

     // This is my rifle
     // This is my gun

AppCode invariably adds an extra indent on the second line:

If I try to backspace to delete the extra indenting, it removes the whole line and places the cursor at the end of the previous line.
The only way to delete that indent is to left-cursor over and delete either the 1st or 2nd indent.

Is there any way to change this? I went through all my identing options and nothing seemed to make a difference.

Thanks in advance,

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Hi Jeffery.

I can't reproduce this behavior in my environment. Could you export your current settings via File | Export Settings and send it to us, please? It would help us to find the problem.

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Hi Anna,

Of course, now it doesn't happen any more. :(

I wish I made a note of the version # but I'm now on version 3.3.1 (OS X) and it's fine now. Sorry for the trouble!



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