Import library not being recognized when source in differently named folder

I'm working on a large app that has multiple Xcode projects linked together in a workspace.  Unfortately it seems AppCode doesn't recognize the libraries that live in folders named differently that the import statement, breaking code completiong/highlihghting/etc all the great bits of AppCode that I want to use.


#import <XYZ-SDK/SomeHeader.h>

lives in a project named


but in a folder named


AppCode seems to find the header file and wants to import it as:

#import <XYZ-SDK-Library/SomeHeader.h>

but unfortuately this breaks the build.

XCode seems to recognize these files fine, and AppCode will build the project, even though the libraries show up red in the imports. The other params/methods from that library appear red in the code, breaking the code completion & highlighting part of AppCode (everything's red that uses that library).

I'm the only person on my team clued up to AppCode so changing the name of the folders to match the project isn't going to happen.

I'm wondering what other build settings or things I might be able to do to get AppCode to find these libraries and get the code completion to work.

Has anyone had similar issues when folder names diverge from project names?

Thanks all

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Hi Steve.

Thanks for reporting, I've created the issue in the tracker: Feel free to comment or uvpote. Please follow.


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