Where Is The Python Interpreter Prompt When I Run In IntelliJ?

I have a fundamental misunderstanding of the IntelliJ Python plug-in.  I fear that my earlier question was badly worded, busy, and certainly not marked as a question.  So I'll try again here.

I don't see a command prompt when I start up Python in the console window.  As I said in my previous question, I can't interact with Python when I'm running inside IntelliJ the same way that I do when I'm running the interpreter in a command shell.

So have I misunderstood something basic here?  Should I expect to be able to run the interpreter, and interact with it at the command prompt, inside IntelliJ?  Is there a command line switch that I need to add to make this so?

Or is everyone who's using the IntelliJ Python plug-in bouncing back and forth between the IDE and the interpreter?  I'll certainly do this if it's necessary, but I thought the idea was to stay in the IntelliJ environment that I like so much.

I realize that the plug-in doesn't allow debugging yet.  Perhaps I've misinterpreted (no pun intended) the interaction with the command prompt as well.

If any developers or users could advise me I'd appreciate it. - %


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