Impossible to change the filter options on "go to file" window.

I'm using Appcode 3.3 Build 143.381

I'm facing a bug with the build, related to all the "goto file", "goto class", "goto symbol" window.

Step to reproduce:

1. Open an existing project.
2. Select "navigate / class " from the menu or press cmd+o
3. Click on the filter icon
4. Try to select / deleselec one of the filter.

Current resut:
The view disappear and the changes on the fiter are not saved.

Expected result:
The windows doesn't disappear and the new options are applied.


Hi Ignazio.

Thanks for reporting.
Looks like a platform issue, please watch/vote for IDEA-147604.


I've faced with same problem. If you using mac you can solve it by holding cmd key while click filtering boxes (the first one, for others you can release cmd key). Probably holding other keys might works too and/or in another OS


@Gennady, thanks for the workaround. This was driving me nuts :)


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