Autocomplete is disappointing with function parameters

I thought Appcode is amazing and better than Xcode, however it turns out it is still not that good with Swift, especially when it comes auto complete features, Only thing i use Appcode is for code formatting. I mean if you can not auto complete the whole function/constructor parameters like below (which Xcode does) when i type CGRect in XCode it will dropdown for the alternatives and by just selecting one of them, all the parameters will be automatically added. Why cannot we do this with Appcode ? Am I missing something?

XCode Example below :
type  CGRect(
and select from autocomplete dropdown box, automatically will add the code below.
CGRect(x: CGFloat, y: CGFloat, width: CGFloat, height: CGFloat)


Tatiana Shabaeva
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Hi Keran.

Auto-completion with placeholders for function parameters is not yet implemented in AppCode, however, parameter info (Ctrl+Cmd+P) is available which shows possible function signatures:


And then, as you type, you get hints in completion for parameter names (those are usually on top of the list):

For related issues and updates please refer to our tracker, in particular, for method parameters completion:
Feel free to file new issues and vote for the most crucial ones.


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I am seeing this exact same behavior with functions in Objective-C when using AppCode 3.2. With 3.1.7 it completes properly by filling in the paramaters. This works correctly for Objective-C messages, just not for functions (i.e. CGRectMake(…))

Is there a new option that I need to switch on to get the old behavior?


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Hi Mark.

This is intentional change in AppCode 3.2, please refer to The behavior is debatable either way, so please don't hesitate to argue.

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That discussion is not for Appcode. It may make sense there, but I spend a lot of time writing Core* (Graphics, Data, Foundation, etc…) for Mac OS and some iOS code and I need the autocomplete features. Taking this away is a huge problem for me. It would be fine if there was a way to re-enable it. There are hundreds of complex preferences, can't there be one for this too? One of the reasons I use Appcode is to speed up writing code. Removing this feature slows me way down. There is a popover that shows what the paramaters should be, but clicking it does not fill in the placeholders.

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We're trying to be consistent in AppCode and CLion (CPP) when it comes to pure C/C++ support.
We have changed behavior based on users' feedback. Our apologies that it happened to become a problem for you. I've created a request in the tracker, please feel free to upvote and leave comments as you see fit.


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