run iphone app in appcode

I'm extremely new to the iOS ecosystem, so apologies in advance.

I have an iOS app building/running in XCode and simulator, but I'd much prefer working in AppCode. However, I can't seem to get AppCode to run the app:

I see these errors:

Error:Code Sign error: No provisioning profiles found: No non–expired provisioning profiles were found.
Error:CodeSign error: code signing is required for product type 'Application' in SDK 'iOS 8.4'
Error:Build failed with 2 errors and 0 warnings in 2 sec

I was reading up on this and found these SO questions:

Still no luck, particularly from the first question that has an answer:

It looks like in AppCode you are building for a device and in Xcode for a simulator. Simulator does not perform code signing, so you don't get an error there.

If all you want to do is to run the app in a simulator, then in the toolbar change the selection from "iOS Device" to a desired simulator. To be able to sign the app you need to make sure that you have correct provisioning profile and certificate installed and check your codesign build settings.

When I go to the toolbar to change the selection from 'iOS Device' to a desired simulator, there are none.

How do I setup a desired simulator and where do I get one?  XCode already comes with one right? How to I point AppCode to that simulator?


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Hi Jacob.

You are right, you should change the build from device to simulator.
You can do it in the upper right corner of the IDE.
The screenshot is attached.
Does that help?

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 15.28.22.png
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Hi, thanks for the quick response Anna.

Yes I saw that, but there is no simulator there, just a list of different iPhone and iPad types, etc. I thought I could go to 'Edit configurations...' to create a simulator, but there it just has the options to add new:

Google Test

But I have the Application. That's what I want to run in the simulator.

I guess I can't figure out how to wire AppCode up to a simulator via a Run configuration.

Can you specify for on how to add a simulator to the Run configuration dropdown?


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Do you see iPhone and iPad types as on my screenshot (like iPhone 4s | iOS 8.4 etc)? These types actually are simulators  Please try to choose one of them and run your application.
If it doesn't work please attach your screenshot for this list.

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Umm...duh. It was too simple. I didn't realize that those were actually simulators. :-)

Geez -- thanks! That works!

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If you are not able to run the simulator or you are finding some errors in the code then visit AppleTech Support where you will get the correct code and steps to run the simulator correctly.


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