Inline Dialog broken?

In the last EAP (forgot the Version) and the current EAP OC-141.2000.4 the "Inline dialog" seems to be broken:

For example: if i press CMD+ALT+N the dialog comes up and ask me if I would like to inline the current method for.
By default the button "Cancel" is selected. So I press tab two times to got to the "Inline" button and press enter. The dialog disappears but nothing else happens. If I click with the mouse on "Inline" button the method gets inlined and everything works as expected.

Running EAP OC-141.2000.4 with the bundled custom JDK (see attachment) on OSX 10.10.4

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 19.53.37.png

It's not broken, it's a default behaviour. If you select buttons with Tabs, then press Space to apply it. Or select the button with the mouse.


Hmm, has the behavior changed? Or is it different in the custom JDK vs Oracle JDK? I'm pretty sure I used "Enter" for this since forever and never used "Space".

EDIT: And yes, space does work... :-)


It's the default mac behaviour, so it should be the same for all the versions.


Hi again,

Sorry for the confusion. We've recently looked closer and found out, that you are right - default action should be Inline, not Cancel. So that Inline should be applied with Enter, and Cancel with Space as a selected action. This is a EAP bug. Will be fixed in the next build.


Ah, that explains it. :-)



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