Problems with "Code Analysis"

When I open some files (django released files and others) I get a blank editor screen.  The only clue as to what is wrong is the red in the left margin with the "BAD_CHARACTER" error.  I have attached a screenshot.  Anyone else seeing this?

Having now taken the time to watch it load and get the screen shot, I see some other problems.  First, it seems like it does the analysis before it attempts to load the text.  Second, if there is a certain kind of error (which PC seems to think I have) it doesn't load the text at all.  This could make it difficult to fix it. :-)

Lastly, it seems to restart the analysis if PC loses focus.  Because it was taking a while, I switched over to browse.  When I clicked over to check the status (nice progress bar in tooltip idea, in status bar might also be helpful), it seemed to start over.

My main issue right now is just getting the text to load so I can step through this file and debug, but I think their might be room for more work here.

BTW, I have posted the BAD_CHARACTER issue in YouTrack.  I just thought maybe I could get some help more quickly here or help find the real issue more interactively if I am "special".

Screen shot 2010-04-28 at 3.09.53 PM.PNG
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For anyone else having the problem, I have found a temporary work-around.  I open up the file in another editor and paste the contents into PyCharm.  It re-analyzes and seems to be OK. 


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