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Hello Gudmundur,

Does PyCharm support Pyflakes?

Our approach is to build our own code inspection tools, that run on the fly

while you're editing the code, rather than integrating with third-party utilities.

Many of checks supported by PyFlakes are already implemented as inspections

in PyCharm, and we plan to provide more of them. If there are specific inspections

in PyFlakes that you're missing in PyCharm, please tell us, and we'll be

happy to add them.


Dmitry Jemerov

Development Lead

JetBrains, Inc.


"Develop with Pleasure!"

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I apologize if necro-threading is strongly frowned upon.

One inspection I'd like to see is a warning about code complexity (a la flake8, Perl::Critic, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cyclomatic_complexity)

Some things are, however, irreducibly complex and it would be nice if there were a comment string pair we could use to surround the code to tell the parser to ignore the section for that particular inspection.  It might be nice if the comment could be list that allowed us to ignore multiple inspections (think spelling + line-length + complexity)

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