Swift Array item code completion not working

code completion for a class or struct item in an Array currently does not show the avalable functions/properties of the object.  So in the following code:

  struct a {
      let b : String
    private func test() {
        var c : [a]


the .b does not show in code completion in appcode.  it does in Xcode.

Please fix this, I am so tired of using the Xcode IDE.  I just started using it and I don't want to get used to using that peice of crap (other than the storyboard, appcode seems to be lacking a little in that part)

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Hi Brian.

Thank you very much for reporting, I've created an issue in our tracker:
Feel free to comment it or upvote.
Follow to get the updates.

We are really not sure right now where to move with the UI Designer.
You can always disable the UI Designer plugin in AppCode and have all features opened automatically in Xcode’s Interface Builder. We are still undecided how we should behave for AppCode case – should we evolve UI Designer in some unique way or simply copy the IB’s functionality.

Right now we are mostly focused on Swift support in editor. Possibly after that we will return to UI problems, but not now.


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