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JetBrains.... do you know of a way to make breakpoints WAY more difficult to SET, or at least actually intentional.
I know AppCode bills itself as a productive, easy to use app, but where it really falls on its face is the breakpoints.
It's really painful when one goes to click on the impementation / overrides icons in the gutter, and rather than following that item as intended, AppCode will insert a breakpoint.
Then I have to remove the breakpoint that I never wanted in the first place.  Just an obscene time waster.

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Hi David.

Sorry for the inconvenience. This is the common way among popular IDEs to set breakpoints.

We are constantly working on the IDE's UI and improving it.
What behaviour would be comfortable for you?

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Yes, I understand that's a popular way to set a breakpoint in say XCode, or Visual Studio for examples.
However, those IDEs do not also multipurpose their gutter by having little icons you can click on to jump to related code.
Since AppCode DOES have the little navigation icons in the gutter, it needs to make it MORE difficult to set a breakpoint so that it's not so incredibly easy to set a breakpoint when what you're trying to do is follow one of the navigation icons.  I'd say at least 50% of the time, when I'm trying to follow a navigation icon in the gutter, I end up instead setting a breakpoint, which is not what i wanted.  Now if I was in XCode or Visual Studio, then YES, if I click in the gutter, then a breakpoint is what I wanted.  See the difference there.
Perhaps you should have to press a key in addition to clicking a gutter icon to navigate to the related code, or press a key in addition to mouse click to set a breakpoint, one or the other, because as it is now, your IDE has a lot of problems figuring out whether I want to set a breakpoint or follow a navigation icon.

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David, it's indeed a conflict of intention here and putting a breakpoint in the free space is definitely easier.
Though, normally, breakpoints are set opposite the code line, not the declaration line, where all the icons are.

Still, there is enough empty space to click the gutter (~15x15 area) just next to the icons on the right - try finding the sweet spot for you.
Additionally, you can use shortcuts and completely avoid the problem.

Anyway, it doesn't mean we ignore your feedback, feel free to suggest your vision.


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