Unresolved reference 'unittest'


  sorry for the complete newbie-question, but I have some basic issues with PyCharm.

Simply stated, all the standard modules of Python are not resolved by the PyCharm editor. For instance, when I create a unit test (using the basic template), the editor gives me

  Unresolved reference 'unittest'


Same thing for other basic modules like urllib2.

At runtime everything works, I can run unit tests and use any other standard module. However the editor cannot resolve them, therefore also code completion does not work.

Does anybody have suggestions to troubleshoot or fix it?

My environement is PyCharm 96.742, Mac Os 10.6.4, Python 2.6 (distributed with Mac Os).

Many thanks,



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Found out it's probably an issue with the default installation of Python in Mac Os 10.6.4.

I installed Python 2.6.5 from the python.org website and it works without any problem with PyCharm.




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