Running App Engine apps from PyCharm

I'm using 96.742 on Windows 7 64-bit with Python 2.5.4. When I run an app engine project, it doesn't seem to work. To reproduce:

Create a new app engine project.
Run project and try to load http://localhost:8080/

When I do this, I get problem loading page. If I run the same project from Google App Engine Launcher, I can view the page.

Does this sound like a bug, or am I doing something wrong?

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Hi, it seems like Google App Engine asks you something like 'Allow dev_appserver to check for updates on startup? (Y/n)'. It uses Python function raw_input, which doesn't flush stdout before reading input, so you can't see promt string and it looks like it is hung out.

You can set environment variable PYTHONUNBUFFERED=1 in your run configuration to see promt string. We will think about setting it as default to prevent such problems.

Hope it will help.


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