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I've tried PyCharm on Windows, Linux and Mac.  It looks the best on Windows, the context menu's within the editor and in the menus look good.  On Mac, the context menu's within the editor do not follow the Mac theme, they don't match the Mac menu look and feel.  On Linux, GTK+ is used and most of it looks fine except any of the menus.  All of the menu items look extremely contrasted when the items are disabled.  I use a dark theme on Linux and it is just out of place and very hard on the eyes.  I don't have pictures of the Mac look, but attached is how it looks on Linux.  Is this something you are aware of and will address in the future?


Also in the picture to the left where the project files are you can see the drop down list is not drawn properly, all you see is the arrow.


I filed a ticked this weekend about the Linux integration, PY-2926. I'd love to see Pycharm looking as good as Eclipse, which looks and feels like a native app.




it's highly unlikely that anything like that could happen.

Despite the fact that they are both written in Java, they use a very different widget set, Swing for PyCharm/Idea and SWT for Eclipse. SWT was designed to use native widgets, hence it feels more native, while Swing uses its own widgets and has got some degree of native os integration via LAFs and through same native components.

Both approaches have their strengths and their weakness - SWT is not a "better solution", it's got its own problems.

It's better to ask for "better integration" if something doesn't work at all, than for "native feel" that won't be achieved, ever, by a Swing app.


I'll look into creating a custom SWING theme then. A few tweaks will go a long way.


You might want to take a look at this post. It's a hack to at least fix the broken font hinting.



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