after installing Yosemite, computer hard crash during debug

Since i installed the latest OSX , when debugging and stepping line by line, i sometimes get a hard crash (kernel panic in coreaudiod). The process being debugged was running background music before breaking on the breakpoint, the music duely stops on break point. After a step-over, loud noises heard and then the obligatory computer reboot.

  1. Has anyone seen (and hopefully fixed) this ?
  2. What info would be useful to Jetbrains in case this happens again ?


AppCode 3.0.6, MBP, OSK10.10, Darwin 14.0.0

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Has anyone else reported issues like this? I cannot reproduce this in Xcode but it happens very often with AppCode. If it's definetely something that started with Yosemite, then I will downgrade (I took a while before switching to Yosemite). I'm on 10.10.2.

Another thing that might be a solution would be a clean install, which I haven't done with Yosemite. Still, it's definetely an unstable system because the other day I had a Kernel Panic with something else. Not sure what, but I wasn't working, so it wasn't Xcode or Appcode.

Please keep an eye on this, Appcode humans. I'm too used to AppCode to go back to Xcode.


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Yep, i had that with both eXcode and AppCode ... always in coreaudiod in my specific case. In order to continue working (with either), i disabled the audio library while in DEBUG build configuration.

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Oh, I see. That's very helpful. I'll look into it.


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