AppCode feels sluggish with high end mac pro, up-to-date Yosemite and AppCode


I think this has been getting worse over time but I'm really noticing it now. It seems like cursor movement, auto complete and general functionality feels realy sluggish.

I like my key repeat set to a really high number so I can scroll or move the cursor through code really quickly but it curently feels like its moving at about a third of the speed it should be.
I use Karabiner to set my key repeat to 15 ms.
Moving the carat around in text edit with a large file is normal speed.

in activity monitor, when I hold the down key on a big file and continuously scroll. I get maybe 25% cpu on a 6 core machine.
Memory dosnt seem to be an issue, I have 12.96 GB used out of 64GB, with no swap currently used.
in AppCode itself. I am using 182 of 1185M heap

Although I am using a 4k monitor, so maybe it has to do with drawing performance somewhere and if it's not multithreaded. that 25% cpu might be maxing out one of my cores.

Dmitry Semeniouta
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Hello Dave.

It may be related to this problem . May I ask you to create a new ticket at our issue tracker ( ) and attach a CPU snapshot? CPU snapshots are described here Thanks.

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just uploaded a cpu snapshot

It's behaving a little sluggish today. but this was taken while just moving the cursor up and down the screen with the keyboard.


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