can't load linked projects in different parallel directories

I'm using XCode 6.1.1 and appCode 3.1.1 on macos.
The project loads and builds  in xcode. Also all the linked projects are there and I can navigate all the source code in each of them.
In AppCode, only the linked projects that are in subdirectories of the main project's directory will load as projects, others are loaded as FOLDERS.

For example, the main project is ~/project/folder1/main.xcodeproj, and then we have linked projects in
~/project/folder1/A/A.xcodeproj and ~/project/folder2/B/B.xcodeproj

AppCode recognises that A is a linked project and loads it as such, but it doesn't recognise B as a PROJECT, although it loads it as a folder.

Why doesn't appCode realise they are projects?

I found that I can load each one manually once the project is open and it would recognise them as projects, but this is not an option for me because doing so edits some project file and I don't want that. I need it to load correctly from the given files, which created and maintained with XCode.

I'd like to get it working because I find XCdoe strange and unintuitive.

Thanks for any ideas.

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Tristan, could you please strip all the source files, leaving xcodeproj/xcworkspace bundles, zip the project folder (preserving original project layout) and attach it to a new bug report? We'll investigate.

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Hi Tristan.

I've tried to replicate the issue using your steps but, so far, was unable to. Please take a look at the screenshot - project B from parallel directory is loaded as project.

It may happen that your setup is different somehow: maybe the way you linked the projects (I did that in Xcode via 'Add files to <project>...' menu), smth else you can think of? It would be of great help if you could narrow down the issue to a simple project and send it to our support mailbox (, so that we investigate that.


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