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Without having to set each color manually, is there a dark theme that I can apply to the color syntax highlighting.  I often code in low light situations, with a dark background - plus I find the syntax highlighting to be more effective as well.



Here's a Textmate Twilight theme: http://github.com/nek4life/pycharm-twilight

I've also started to port the Monokai theme to PyCharm.  It's not perfect, but it works for me.  Only Python, Django Templates, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and RegExp have been edited.  The rest use the pycharm-twilight defaults.  I attached it to this post for anyone who want to try or improve it.

Here's how I installed it on OSX: Place Twilight.xml in ~/Library/Preferences/PyCharm10/colors/ and restart your IDE

Good luck.


My installation of PyCharm seems to be spitting out the Twilight item because of a meta error.  The Monokai theme is definitely an improvement over the previous color set.

Thank you kindly for your contribution!



etc wrote:

My installation of PyCharm seems to be spitting out the Twilight item because of a meta error.

I initially had issues with the Twilight them too.  Turned out that  the Twilight.xml had some unprintable/non-asc characters are the top of  the file.  I used Notepad++ to find and erase, re-saved and then life  was good.  I am using Win7 64-bit Pro.

I've attached a copy of the tweaked file.  Good luck!



Hi Rob,

Thanks for posting the changes to the Twilight.xml.  I'll try update the github repository with the fix later today.  Thanks!



I noticed the highlighting of paired parenthesis is still very light blue.  I like the highlight feature, just not the color. You don't happen to know if that can be changed do you?

I looked through the color settings and didn't see anything.


I searched and searched but unfortunately there doesn't appear to be a setting that allows you to change the color of the parens hightlight.  I suppose I should file a youtrack feature request for this.


I added a ticket to yourtrack.  http://youtrack.jetbrains.net/issue/PY-1791?projectKey=PY&query=parentheses

I'm going to try a couple 'option name=' tags in an attempt to change it manually within the xml file.  I'm hoping the menu option was a simple oversight but the code exists to still change it.

I'll post my results when I'm done.


No luck with finding an XML tag that presumably would control the color for paired parenthesis.


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