IDE Fatal Error in Beta 2

Earlier today I got a IDE Fatal Error that said "Blame PyCharm Core".  The pop-up error window did not allow me to grab the text of the stack trace, although I was able to grab a screen capture (see attached).

Uncertain if it helps, but I was running PyCharm 1.0 Beta 2 which I've had open yesterday morning.  I had just created a new Python file and pasted a list (about 70 items) into the newly opened file in the editor, then clicked at the bottom of the list and was dragging my cursor upwards (fast and jaggedly --- bad habit I learned in Excel when scrolling up or down) to select/high-lighted about 2/3 of the list to ident them.  Before I released the mouse button,that was when I received the IDE Fatal Error message.  FWIW, I closed PyCharm and relaunched --- and everything seems fine now.



P.S. My O/S is Win7 Pro 64-Bit and with Java Version 6 update 17 (build 1.6.0_17-b04)

PyCharm 1.0 Beta2 Error Message.png
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Hi Rob,

Thanks for spotting that!

I created a ticket - IDEA-58244, feel free to track its progress.

Regards, Denis


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