Project in repo that was migrated from SVN to Git

I have a project in a repository that was migrated from SVN to Git. I migrated according to the steps on this web site:  The migration seems to be successful. I now push the migrated repo to a git server (bitbucket) and clone it into a new folder. In SourceTree for example, it looks and behaves like a normal Git repo. There is no reference to SVN anymore, not in the remotes and also not in the .git folder.

My problem is that AppCode reports all files as unversioned when I open the project, and offers me to add them to SVN, instead of picking up on the fact that this is in fact a Git repository. How can I fix this situation? I have already tried to 'invalidate caches & restart', I have manually removed ~/Library/Caches/appcode*, and I have manually removed ~/Library/Application Support/appCode*. None of this had the desired effect.

I am using AppCode 3.1 build #OC-139.677.


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After some digging around and more creating searching on the web, I found the problem: somehow AppCode had remembered that this project was once an SVN project. In the project Version Control settings, there was a root listed with type SVN. I removed that, and hit OK. After that, AppCode offered me to configure the Git root and everything started working as expected.

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Hi Stefan,

I'm sorry that you had to spent much time to change settings, indeed project related settings are stored in .idea and can be edited in Preferences.


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