Option to make cmd + e replace search buffer, not append an | to it

When I select hello then press cmd + e, which puts the world "hello" into my search filter. If I then decide I want to search for something else I would select a different word world then do cmd + e. In Xcode and other OS X apps, pressing cmd + e would replace the search filter from "hello" to "world". In AppCode it changes it to "hello|world" highlighting both options.

I can't find an option or setting for changing this to be more OS X-like, any ideas? ( tested in 3.1 EAP )


Hi orta,

Sounds like OC-9202.
Feel free to upvote the issue in tracker.

I believe that additional usage of Esc key between searches would be a temporary workaround for the issue.


Never mind... found it.

How do I upvote an issue?  (sorry... new here...)


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