StoryBoard, Actions, Outlet & so on


I rely like your product and use IDEA community edition for Android development.
When I start to learn iOS programming I download your trial version of AppCode and try to make the same as in xcode.
But first step - work in storyboard and I'm fail. I can't make show action, I can't create outlet....
I try to find any information in your web site about how to work in storyboard but all information is very up to date.
So maybe you can suggest some videos or documentation how to work with it?

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Hi Sergey,

Glad to hear you've started with AppCode!
Here is AppCode Web Help page with some info on UI designer. It may be useful in general for a quick start with the IDE.
There is also a short video, check it out.

Please be aware that UI Designer doesn't yet support Swift (OC-10277) and have some other issues (refer to sub-tasks of OC-5154).
You may also use both AppCode and Xcode designers (where you find it more convenient) for the same project since both IDEs should coexist just fine.

Feel free to contact us if you have other questions.

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Sad to hear it, that so powerfull IDE doesn't apply for full cycle development for iOS.
Part of your links is broken -

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Apologies, Sergey. Link updated

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Yes, thanks for quick fix but without full support swift languange it's not useful for now.

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Swift support is our top priority for the moment, and there is plenty of work to do.
We have set primary focus on essential for developers things such as code completion, navigation, refactoring, formatting, and debugging.
UI designer support will definitely follow that. I hope you can understand the scope of work needed to support a new language.

Follow the blog to keep the track of all Swift-related changes in AppCode.


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