Debugger doesn't work


As a user of IntelliJ IDEA, I'm really excited about new Python/Django IDE. It's very good, but unfortunately I've a problem with debugger.

I've loaded my existing project into PyDev, set the Django support (Django project root: /home/user/Python_projects/PROJECT_NAME/webapp) and created Run/Debug configuration (no-reload option checked). I can start developing server, but I've got a problem with debugging. The server starts and I can use my app, but it just omits all breakpoints.

Moreover, just for testing perposes I've created new Django application from within the PyCharm. Debugger works flawlessly there.

I'm not sure, but I think it can be a problem with project structure. The structure is:

webapp (root)

- apps

--- sample_app

--- ...

- libs

- templates

- ...


I'll be grateful for any advice.




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