How do I make the UI designer show iPad layout rather than iPhone

Hi - I've recently upgraded to AppShell 3 and for the firt time I'm trying to use the UI Designer. I created a new project for an iPad project, and when I try to run in the simulator it shows with iPad dimentions. However, in the UI designer itself it shows an iPhone layout.

What do I need to do to use the UI designer for an iPad application, so it shows layouts for an iPad instead of an iPhone?


Have you used AppCode to create project? Am I correct, that during project creation you've choosed Device: 'iPad' ?
It really strange that iPhone storyboard was created in this case. Can you reproduce it? If yes, please send us newly created project. Also could you please specify which Xcode version do you use?


Sorry for the delayed response - I've put this project to the side for a while and I'm only coming back to it now.

I am not sure how this project was initially created. Is there any easy way to tell if it was created by AppCode vs. created by XCode? I thought that it was created by AppCode but I can't be sure right now.

I do know that I am working not on a single project but on a workspace that contains both an iPhone project and an iPad project. I know that when I add a new storyboard to the iPad project and drag a tab bar controller onto that storyboard, XCode shows it using iPad dimensions but AppCode shows it using iPhone dimentions.

Thank you,



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