Perforce Plugin Issues


I absolutely love that AppCode supports Perforce, but I have a few nagging issues:

1) The plugin seems to get confused with framework and bundle files. I wil often see many files that are contained in frameworks listed under modified or unversion files. I don't see this in the Perforce client.

2) I have changed my font to Menlo 14 and this renders incorrectly in the Perforce plugin windows. For example, clicking a single quote character repeatedly will display just one character with the caret in front of that character. Another example, parenthesis are displayed about a half character below where they should be.

3) Every time I branch a project, I have to reenter where the application can fined p4 and p4v (all the .idea files get branched).

Anyone else seeing this? Are there solutions to the above that I am missing?


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Hi Bruce.

We're looking into this. Will get back to you as soon as we get more information.


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