Custom debugger view in C++


In order to display a std::vector nicely in the debugger, AppCode uses internally a custom view for the class (as nobody wants to have a look at 3 different pointers which std::vector is made of).

Is there a way to add your own custom view for user defined objects ?

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Unfortunatelly, no. There is no such way at the moment. However, you can use watches window with custom expressions retrieving necessary information for your objects.


Sorry for the late reply and thanks for the information.

I hope that you are working on debug visualizer for CLion. I would be very pleased if you provide such thing as I don't use STL objects but my own implementation.


Is this still not possible or do you have a solution now?


Hi Gael. You can use GDB and LLDB pretty printers. I am running that know are it works perfectly.


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