AppCode not recognizing that CocoaPods is installed

AppCode (3.0.4) is showing that I don't have Cocoa Pods installed for my selected Ruby SDK (2.0.0-p451 via rbenv), however I have the gem install (gem list shows cocoapods (0.33.1)). Everything seems to work correctly but the Tools > CocoaPods menu item still shows 'Install CocoaPods gem'. When I select that I get the 'Can't install CocoaPods' message (No gem satisfying dependency found...)

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Hello Alastair.

I'm terribly sory for the late response.

What does 'gem env' show? Since you are using rbenv please check inside "Preferences... | CocoaPods" - make sure that you specify the SDK with '~/.rbenv/version/<version>/ruby' path and not by using shims ( )

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This helps me! 

Thank you.


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