more info on jsdoc?

I haven't found too much information on how pycharm/IDEA makes use of documentation for javascript.  I found some reference to it using JSDoc syntax.  JSDoc is apparently an obsolete thing, is there a difference in syntax between JSDoc and the current versions of JSDoc Toolkit?  Does it support the variant of JSDoc used by the Google Closure tools?  Why is part of this highlighted blue?


and in this sample: =;

When I run the "create Namespace" intention on the unresolved "quux", it produces /** @namespace window.quux */, but according to jsdoc-toolkit's documentation it looks like this means " is a namespace with description 'window.quux'", not "window.quux is the identifier for a namespace."  (Here I was trying to find a replacement for jslint's /**global quux */)

And I know that's at least four questions, but maybe all the answers are in one place.  Thanks!


For the arrays, I had more luck with the syntax mentioned here:

(see "@param {String[]} aliases")

That seems to give IDEA a fighting chance to auto-complete on it.


Yeah, but it wasn't clear to me how to represent a 2D-array of strings with that syntax.


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