Xcode 6 ... Can't open storyboard

AFAIK, Appcode doesn't work at all in Xcode 6.  I can't create a basic project without getting the SegueKind.ShowDetail no enum error.  I'm evaling it and well, this ain't good.

Which kinda means I'm going to have to stick with Xcode for now, which sucks.  I LOVE IntelliJ.  And JB has always exceeded my expectations.  This isn't a Swift issue, I tried a Obj-C project from scratch.

Am I missing something?

Also, for Swift, code auto-formatting doesn't appear to do anything. I'm okay if that's a 'swift is too new to keep up with' but the inability to open a storyboard, that's kinda basic.

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I believe what you are missing is that you are complaining that there are bugs in a beta program.

Use Xcode 5.1.1 if you wish to evaluate software.

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Xcode 6 from Apple is in beta, yes.  And XCode 6 isn't the problem.  It works fine.

Appcode throws errors *upon opening a project it created*.  Beta implies its gone past *alpha*, which implies it passed a rudimentary set of tests.  There's no point in releasing support for Xcode6/Swift it can't do even the most basic things.  

As I said, JB has always exceeded my expectations, that's why we love them and *pay* for an IDE when free alternatives exist.  In this case, only the free version works.

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With every Xcode update, comes plenty of changes that break integration here and there in AppCode; 'new project' wizard is one of the most frequently changed things, that's why it breaks from time to time.
Officially, AppCode only supports stable Xcode versions, plus we always do our best to deliver some degree of support for the betas, as they arrive.

The best way to help us find and solve issues with Xcode betas, is to file bug reports into our tracker.


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