Is it possible to pause all threads in an application and view each thread

I'm debugging a multi-threaded script in PyCharm and am attempting to determine the cause of the application hanging.  If I set a break point while the application is running, it only pauses the thread that hit the break point and I can only see what is going on in that thread.  Is it possible to suspend all threads and view the stack for each thread?

Thanks for the help.


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Hello Steve,

it is possible to suspend all threads of your process by pressing 'Pause' button in the debbuger.

Unfortunatly now there is no way to make all threads suspended on reaching a breakpoint. I've created an issue about that. Vote for it to be able to track the progress.

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Thanks.  Yes, it would be helpfull if all threads suspended when the break point was hit.  Or at least have the option of that behavior.


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