Removing @import frameworks from FrameworkGroup


Been reading this blog post

Basically, it's saying that because of the new LLVM modules functionality, you don't need to have core Frameworks added to you Framework Group in XCode.

So, in my workspace I cleaned up as suggested in the blog post.

XCode was fine.

However, I go across to AppCode. Whilst I have no problems cleaning, building and running the same workspace... I get LOTS of warnings in the code editor.
Basically, reporting things like

[[CLLocationManager alloc] init];

It's telling me there that "Cannot resolve method 'alloc' for interface 'CLLocationManager' " (the [CLLocationManager alloc] is underlined with wavy red line).

Another example is being told that
"Can't resolve variable or class super" with this bit of code

- (void)viewDidLoad {
    [super viewDidLoad];

    [self runMyCode];

Also being told that "Method 'viewDidLoad is never used"

It's like the code edit is reliant on the Frameworks listed in the Framework group of the XCode project/workspace. But of course the actual build process isn't.

Raise a Bug report for this?

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Just downloaded 3.0.1 AppCode.

I'm getting this issue in both an XCode workspace which I cleaned up as per blog post.

BUT, it's also happening in another XCode workspace that I haven't changed. So, must be some other underlying issue here.

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Gavin, please check AppCode 3.0.2, we've fixed a related issue that could fix the problem for you.


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