Swift code in Obj C

I realize Swift support is very limited at this time - my question is more for clarification of what is supported.

I am using a Swift class inside an Obj C class in an existing project.  I first set up the relationship using Xcode and modified the Build Settings to make sure it all works.  Once I got it working, I opened up the project in AppCode, did a Clean and Build, and AppCode compiled it and installed on my iOS7 phone and it runs perfectly (not counting all the bugs I have)!

My question is with class (AST?) support.

AppCode doesn't recognize my Swift class, its name, or any of its members (all with a hover message of "Can't resolve [identifier]").  All such identifiers are highlighted with red font.  However it does compile and run okay.

Is this part of what is not yet supported?


As far as i can tell, at the moment coloring is the only support.

frustrating to keep both appcode and xcode open at the same time, but i full understand given the early cycles we are going through.


Yeah me too.  I just wanted to make sure syntax highlighting for Swift classes in Obj C code wasn't supported.  If it was, I wanted to ask what I was doing wrong because it wasn't working for me.   To be honest, right now I'm very happy that AppCode recgonizes Swift so I'm not confined to Xcode.


Hi guys,

thanks for your interest to Swift support in AppCode. We've done basic syntax highlighting for Swift and now investigating the opportunities to support it futher.
If you've faced any problem may I ask you to raise new issue in AppCode tracker: http://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issues/OC. It would be great if you could attach any sample project or screenshots.
Thank you.


To start with code formatting in swift files,

I'm working on the xcode 6 beta, I'm so used to intellij and appcode formatting my code and keeping it nice and tidy, xcode is driving me mad :(

Come on guys, hurry up.. all summer holidays cancelled ]:)


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